Rocky Mountain Parking Lot Services, Inc. was first established in 1986 by Rich and Diane Taylor. Prior to starting the company, Rich had 15 years experience in the parking lot maintenance industry and Diane had 20 years office management and accounting experience.

When Richs son Pat turned 10 years old, he began training Pat with the same work ethics and values that gave Rocky Mountain Parking Lot Services, Inc. longevity and success in a very competitive business. Pat worked weekends, summers and holidays until he finished school. After graduating, Pat worked full time in the business taking on more and more responsibility.

Pats wife, Leigh, began working closely with Diane in 1997 learning how to run the office. In 2000 Pat and Leigh bought out Rich and Diane who are now happily retired.

Pat and Leigh carry on the commitment to customer service, quality, job site efficiency and giving their customers the respect and attention they deserve as well as making sure the dollars they spend with Rocky Mountain Parking Lot Services, Inc. are of the highest value.